Cuddle Benefits for Health and Emotional Bonding

Hugging for health benefits and emotional bond. If you often embraced, both hugged each other against their parents, wives, husbands and children, you include people who are healthy and happy. Why? Because the activity is very good for the body hugging start in terms of health or emotional terms.
As reported VivaLife, hugged for a few seconds, it is essential, the following reasons:

“any sexual activity such as kissing, holding hands and hugging, can make our body releases the hormone oxytocin which makes the feeling so much happier,” said Elizabeth Lombardo, a psychiatrist.

You may often see when someone is in trouble or being happy doing a hug to someone close. This is because it can eliminate the stress and burden in mind. By the time someone embraced, there will be some sort of chemical reaction that occurs in the oxytocin hormone that affects the blood pressure reduction. Not only that, often hugging can prevent you from the risk of heart disease and can relieve emotional and panic.

Cuddle also very important for the mother and child because that’s when the mother is closer to his son by the hand so that will add a touch of emotional bonding between the mother with her child. Besides making better communication with your spouse and children. Cuddle can send one feels empathy for people who embraced. Because, everyone wants to be understood, embraced can send the signal to the body that is embraced.
That is why it is very important to cuddle in everyday life, not only good for health but also to establish an emotional bond.

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