Doing Good Influence of Physical and Emotional Health

The habit of sharing time, love, attention and materials to others it can affect a person’s physical and mental health.

Dream – Habits to do good turns out not only affects the mental health alone. A recent study conducted in New York found that the habit of doing good also can make the body become healthier.

In a study published the journal Psychology and Aging, the volunteers were aged older adults known to have a reduced risk of high blood up to 40 percent. In a study conducted for four years and involved about 1,164 adults aged 51-91 years known to grow old with health conditions remain good.

“Emotionally, people who do good foster positive feelings in themselves and increase self-esteem. This is true for those who often do good form to take the time, love, attention, not just money,” said Chloe Carmaichael Psychologist, PhD, as reported Everyday Health, Monday, December 8th, 2014.

These volunteers are known to have good relationships with the environment that affect their quality of life when it is no longer young. The habit of sharing and positive thinking also makes them decreased risk of a deadly disease.

“Those who have a positive social relations have maintained a healthy heart up through old age with a much healthier,” wrote Rodlescia Sneed, a psychologist at Carnegie Mellon University Dietrich Pittsburg.

Besides effect on parents, do good habit also applies to the number of teenage volunteers. In a study published in JAMA journal Pediatrics, involved 106 students of class X are divided into two groups have reported the habit of goodness what they do for 10 weeks.

The result, in the 10 weeks of the students who are accustomed to doing good cholesterol levels and lower inflammation than those who are not accustomed to doing good. In fact they also have the ability to empathize, behave altruistic and mental health as well as a better heart.

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