Good emotional health for a better life

Talking about health, always identical with the body healthy and free from disease. But if only the physical health are the most important?
Physical health is important, but there is one more factor that is no less important and that one factor is also supporting the establishment of maximum physical health. Yes … mental health.
Emotionally healthy person will be able to face the challenges of life, in the sense that they can condition the emotional and behavioral level. With the emotional level stable / good and behavioral / lifestyle well too, will support the formation of our outer health. We will always think positive in every situation so that the possibility of depression and despair that will ultimately disrupt the diet (indirectly can threaten our physical health) will be minimized.

If we want to get physical health / physical, then the first thing we should do is start building our mental health as early as possible. People who are emotionally healthy is said to have several characteristics, including:

Having a sense of satisfaction
Having a passion for a better life (the ability to laugh and have fun)
The ability to cope with stress and bounce back from adversity
Having a clear purpose in life and can make sense of life
Always interested in new things and is able to adapt to environmental changes
Balance between work and refreshing
Confidence and high self-esteem

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