How Hard is It to Install a Shower?

It is over a year and a half since we got this house. We had a plan all along, but the plan was contingent on a few factors, namely money. At any rate we are going to be in good shape once my pick up truck is paid off next month. At least that is going to be a bit more money we shall have for other stuff. At any rate we have have been checking out new shower stalls and shower doors in Essex county NJ. What we are not sure or not is whether or the job is going to be something we can do ourselves. Of course the guys who know how to do this stuff is going to be able to go in there and do a close to perfect job without any real possibility of it turning into a quagmire. We want to save some money if we can, but this might not be something you want to try yourself.

I was trying to find some videos on Youtube of people installing the type of shower that Annie has picked out. I figured that it was best to let her decide, mainly because I am a man and I do not really care a lot about how nice the shower. I care about whether or not it works well. The thing that I think about is the shower sprays the water and whether or not it works the way that I like it. I want to not run out of hot water most of all, but that probably has very little to do with the shower aside from whether or not it works efficiently. The thing I am thinking is that a shower door is probably pretty heavy and that it would be really bad to break it.

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