Making the Yard Look Pretty

Landscape design in Nassau County NY helped me to find a landscape design that worked well for my yard. I spent a lot of years not really caring what the lawn looked like, and it really showed. The house used to have some semblance of landscaping years ago, but it is not readily apparent if you look out the window now. What you do see is some patches of the yard that are overgrown with out of control plants and bushes and a lot of weeds. I needed to pretty things up so I was definitely interested in a landscaping plan.

I found a great company online that doesn’t really put all the plants and flowers in, but what they do accomplish is setting up the stones and paving one needs to create a truly top notch landscaping design. They came out with a clipboard and we walked through the yard taking everything in. They asked a lot of questions about what I wanted and even offered up various opinions about what might or might not work. I was really thankful for that because I didn’t know much about how things could look.

Once they set to work it quickly became apparent that these guys knew what they were doing. Not only did it look better, it looked fabulous. I knew it was a winner when a couple of neighbors floated over to comment on what was happening. They seemed awfully impressed and even wondered how I could afford such a beautiful outlay. That makes me happy. Once they get the whole design set up, I’m going to have someone come out and fill it up with flowers and plants and mulch. I’m even thinking about throwing in some new trees. I should have called these guys years ago and had them come out and fix the yard up. It’s beautiful!

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