Repair in the Tiny Home

I live alone in a tiny home in New York. It’s a minimalist home, so there’s really only enough room for two people at most. It’s a lot different from the home I was used to growing up in when I was a kid. It feels like my own personal space, and the best thing about it is that I can move it anywhere. Recently I needed to have someone come out to my home for HVAC repair in NYC. The heat in New York can become pretty hot, and I didn’t want to experience the full force of that.

When the repair man arrived at my home, he was surprised to see it because he had never seen anything like it. All of the homes he had worked in were full sized homes, or in some cases, mansions. He was a pretty tall man, so he had to duck down when he entered the front door. It was like a giant walking into an elf house. I showed him where the air conditioner was and he looked at it. He found that a part was not functioning properly and had to be replaced, so he went to his truck to get one.

Once the repairs were made, the repair man went on his way, and I went inside to watch some television. The home is powered by solar cells that sit on the roof. The cells absorb solar energy and store it in a battery that sends power to the house. The cells can even absorb energy in situations where there isn’t a lot of light, such as on a rainy day. I don’t usually watch television for hours on end, so a full days worth of battery charge is enough to to whatever I need to do without running out of power.

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