What Are Our Taxes Good for

It’s that time of the season again that most of us are hardly fans of – tax season. Since I work in the United States as well as Bristol, I often have to file two separate tax forms, but luckily the accountants in Bristol know exactly what they are doing. There as a time when I used to be against the idea of taxes – why should we have any of our money taken away from us? Is it really the responsibility of the citizenn to help support the needs of the state when the state is wholly capable of incorporating itself?

I like to think that the state is more than capable of being able to go into business for itself while meeting the demands imposed upon it from the fundamental pressures which exist in statehood. Yet, my opinion on this has changed to some degree. I believe that social programs are incredibly important, but thos programs should not be funded wholly by the state. Taxes should go into those programs so that the citizens might be able to support one another rather than having any sort of dependency upon the state except beyond its role as a collector of taxes and provider of the social framework.

Of course, there are the social infrastructures such as roads, police and other security agencies which should be taken into consideration. It’s my opinion that these agencies can be both personally incorporated or funded by the citizens. They should only exist within a local network rather than being under the thumb of the state – this gives the citizens an extra layer of protection from the security agencies should they be found to not work in their best interests. However, I do not believe that taxes should be channeled into any sort of military infrastructure.

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